'Annabelle' Hydrangea

'Annabelle' Hydrangea

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Garden Bling

(Photo) Sapphire blue recycled glass mulch shines in the Krohn Conservatory in Ohio. (Photo Credit=Tony Yunker)

More and more gardeners are bedazzling their landscapes with 100% recycled glass mulch. Everything from firepits to fountains and pathways to planters can always use a little extra sparkle!

Recycled glass mulch comes in almost every color of the rainbow, and in different shapes and sizes.

Mulch made from recycled glass is environmentally friendly. According to online vendor EnviroGLAS of Plano, Texas, over 40 BILLION bottles are made each year. This business, and others like it, take old wine bottles, beer bottles, pickle jars, industrial glass, etc. headed for landfills and tumble them in machines until there are no sharp edges left. Yes, you can actually walk on broken glass!

EnviroGLAS claims that their glass mulch is not just neat and shiny: It will reduce weeds, moderate soil temperatures and won't soak up any of your plants' water. Plus, it (almost) lasts forever. Another bonus is that it will keep slugs off your hostas! EnviroGLAS recommends you put down landscape fabric first when using the mulch for purely decorative purposes.

Contact your local recycling center for information about the availability of recycled glass mulch in your area. Unless you find a free source, recycled glass mulch tends to be more expensive than traditional types of mulch. Visit these online vendors for additional facts, as well as price lists:




This article featured in The Miami Herald will give you even more ideas about how to make your garden gleam: